Four Week Coaching Support Program for Leaders Who Are Leading Through Crazy Times

Times they are a CRAZY right now. But that doesn't change that you are in charge mama. It is time to lead and I'm going to help you figure out exactly how you're going to make this work for you, your team and your family. Let's go!

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No one was prepared for what we're going through right now.

And it's not reasonable to assume you should just know how to do this all by yourself.

BUT, I also know how capable you are. And once we get the thoughts cleared out that may be creating anything from fear to doubt to confusion to impatience or even anger, you will be able to think reasonably about what you want to do and make a powerful plan you can feel good about. 

We all need a plan for the next three months. Do you have one? Does that scare you to think about? Have you thought through the worst case scenario for your business? My guess is you've thought about it without coming up with a plan to mitigate it.

I call that anticipating without planning.

The 'we'll see what happens approach' isn't leading. . .it's deferring. And it won't end up being a useful strategy for you or your team.

Stop it.

You need to lead.  You need a plan.

But if your brain is confused, you're going to struggle with that.

Let me help you so you can focus on the things that matter.

I've got you and I want to help you come through this ridiculously crazy time not just well, but amazingly well. 

Over the next four weeks, I will provide you a LOT of coaching support. You will work with other women like you, figuring it out one moment at a time. And you will gain valuable insight into how to handle yourself, your team and your business during the unplanned crazy.

What to Expect: 

Because I have a ton of experience coaching women through the unexpected and managing my own team through ambiguity, I have a lot of insights I can share with you. And I am incredibly eager to do so.

Here's what is currently outlined in the video series that will be included (more to come):

  • How to help people deal with ambiguity.
  • How to be the leader you want to be on purpose.
  • What to change when things change.
  • How our brains are the only thing you really need to understand right now.
  • Planning instead of anticipating.
  • How to lead others who are scared, fearful or otherwise distracted.
  • How to help employees and still run a business.
  • How to make decisions about hiring, firing or laying people off.

On our coaching calls I will use these tools, plus my own arsenal of experience to help you solve any problem you're currently facing. There is nothing you can bring to a call that will stump me. I promise you that. 

Two Weekly Group Coaching Calls

I will coach each of you on your specific challenges, concerns, worries. We'll talk about your plans. We'll look at potential options and weigh out what makes the most sense for the business you lead. These calls are personal, focused and (yes I mean this) FUN. If we can't find a way to giggle a little bit here, we're all gonna go a little nutso. I like to laugh but that has nothing to do with how seriously I take you, your business and the needs you have as a woman who leads.

Weekly Video Insights & Ideas

You don't have time for a lot of content consumption right now. My goal isn't to introduce new stuff for you to do. It's to help you with what you already know and understand. As you are navigating this time, I will equip you with insights and knowing that will help you lead yourself and others. You'll get a weekly video that focuses on either an UNDERSTANDING topic or an ACTION topic. Nothing complicated but completely relevant to you and where you, your team and your business are right now.

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We start on Monday, March 23rd. SOLD OUT

Now is not the time for overthinking. This is either a HELL YES! or a NO. Decide.

This is a program I have lovingly created directly for you, the woman who is figuring out how to lead during a crazy time. If that's you, this is probably the best investment of your time and energy you could make right now.

Together we will navigate a time that was completely not on your radar three weeks ago and turn it into something you feel proud of and show up as your best self for.


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What Other Women are Saying...

Last weekend I hosted several coaching calls for female leaders focused on how to navigate these crazy times. These are some of the unsolicited comments I received: 

"Thank you! Going to focus on solutions! Seriously feel so much better. Just because I’m a coach doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t freak out!!"

"Thanks for that coaching call Kris! You are very calming in a troubling time."

"Thank you for being so available for us during this uncertain time. The call today was great. I needed that reminder to just be present and to back away from the cliff and social media. It dose help to walk around my greenhouses that are filling up with plants and just take a moment and breath. It will be alright."

"Thank you for all that you do. It was great watching you coach. You're so good! Thanks for being an inspiration."

"I’m loving this call. You are providing such amazing guidance to these AMAZING women who are all holding the world together in their own ways. Thank you so so so much for opening up this opportunity to all of us."

"Your guidance and wisdom is helpful for me. Thoughts... beliefs.... contingencies... thank you!"

"Very thoughtful of you, Kris - you are a bright light that is needed. Thank you for always showing up - it is inspiring."

"Thank you for the call, it was wonderful to LISTEN! Plus I had some of my questions answered and how I can help and get back to one of my loves...coaching. And I have some great things to take back to my team!"

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