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Visionary CEO Leadership Essentials Bundle

Included in the Visionary CEO Leadership Essentials Bundle are 6 individual courses designed to help you lead better and live better including:

  • The KickStart Team Ops Clinic for Female Entrepreneurs: This digital course boils it down to the FIVE most important strategies you'll want to have in place to kickstart your thinking and practices for building (or fixing) a high performing team. 


  • The Hiring Clinic: The most important skill and practice of a team leader. But where to begin? How do you deal with this crazy employment market? How do you find the best people and then onboard them? In this short but packed course Kris will introduce you to the ESSENTIAL practices you must use to find, hire and onboard the best team members.


  • Me or Them Team Audit: Determine if you’re the problem or if the team member’s performance is the problem. Know once and for all and learn exactly what to do once you know the root cause of the issue.


  • Managing Overwhelm: Women who lead are at an all time high suffering with adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, depression and overwhelm. Why? There are very real reasons... and these reasons can be addressed and resolved. 


  • Dealing with Difficult Employees: The definitive course for understanding why difficult people exist and how to deal with them no matter what their behavior. 


  • Delegating Clinic: Delegating is a twofold process; mindset shift and delegation tools in action.  Inside of the Delegating Clinic, you will receive video lessons and a workbook to master the skills of  using delegating as a system for growth.


LIMITED BONUS:  Get 1 month of access to The Advisory for personalized support. 

The Advisory provides one-of-a-kind access to 1:1, personalized support for your unique challenges.

Each week you'll have access to The CEO Hotline via Voxer to posit a question to our experts and receive personalized and specific advice for how best to move forward.

This is an $800 value included for free.