✨✨Learn to Lead as Who You Are; Not Who You Think You Should Be✨✨

You're unique.

How you learn to lead should be also.

Women are born leaders.

But for centuries we've been told we aren't. 

Today, however... Women are redefining what a successful leader looks like. So, why is so much of our leadership modeling, training and content still written by men, for men?

My goal, since I started my work 30 years ago, has been to revolutionize what it means to be a leader and to reimagine the behaviors and expectations of successful leadership.

Lead for Women: The Lessons is my answer to give you the ideas, the insights and the practices to honor your unique perspective as a woman who leads. 

You have so much of what you already need to thrive, so why do so many of us women feel like such imposters as leaders?

Because the methods available to us do not speak truth into our experience.

The Lessons do.

Finally, you will feel seen as the woman you are AND the needs you have.

Finally... you can thrive in your role as a leader.

Together, I will share a Lesson each month that will validate you, educate you, and introduce you to simple (but revolutionary) methods and wisdom that will transform how you think, feel and act as a leader.

Each month we will cover one of the vital relationships every woman must redesign if she is to lead with competence, confidence and courage:

  1. The Relationship with Yourself
  2. The Relationship with Your Team
  3. The Relationship with Your Business
  4. The Relationship with Your Money
  5. The Relationship with Your Time

Every challenge you've faced and/or are facing as a leader are rooted in one of these core relationships. 

Leading people isn't a business skill. It is the understanding of human behavior. Starting with yourself as a human attempting to harness the hearts, minds and hands of others to deliver a collective result.

Our work together will illuminate exactly what it takes to build a thriving team ecosystem that is aligned to your vision, your values and the dream you have for what your business is on the planet to achieve.

Stop settling.

Stop tolerating.

Stop blaming yourself.

And please... STOP reading books written by old men about antiquated, male-focused leadership thinking.


✔️Invest in yourself so you can finally have the impact you want with an incredible team surrounding you,

✔️You are worth exceptional results.

✔️You are worth having a team of people who are individually and collectively delighted to be a part of what you've built.

✔️And you are absolutely worth investing in your mind and your wisdom so you can curate your leadership philosophy, practices and processes that are aligned to WHO you want to be and WHO you want your team to be.


The Details:

* Every month I will drop a new, Powerful Leadership Lesson into your portal.

* Each Lesson is replete with video tutorials, reflective question journals, and process or practices for you to study, apply and explore.

* Each Lesson will offer a variety of models, worksheets, recommended actions and/or integrations for your team.

* Ongoing, Live Mentor Q&A and Advisement calls. Our include myself, my COO, Michelle Arant and our hand picked Mentors. Our Mentors are all current and former clients of mine who are currently leading their own 7 & 8-figure businesses. They've all demonstrated MASTERY of the tools and practices we teach and are still LIVE DOING IT EVERY DAY. These women are the Sages I trust with the TRUTH about leading as a woman. They will tell you what's up... and they will help you navigate any moment YOU are in. 

* Private Podcast Access of Mentor call replays and other recordings shared by the Team at TheVisionary.CEO.


Nowhere else will you find the kind of robust resources delivered with simplicity.

AND in my usual approach, I know you'll feel like it's just you and me having an honest conversation about each of the Lessons and how they apply directly to YOU.

Our Lessons cover everything that is vital for you to learn, spanning topics such as:

  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Performance management
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Having difficult conversations
  • How to pay people
  • How to fire someone
  • How to hire people consistently well
  • Onboarding
  • Dealing with the emotional triggers of leading people
  • People-pleasing
  • Feeling guilty and/or angry
  • and so much more all provided through the lens of my Leadership is Feminine approach and proven philosophy. What you'll learn, WORKS.

I've led teams for over 30 years.

I've coached leaders for just about as long.

The Lessons are my gift to my clients because I know what the very real issues are you face and I know how to solve them. Every-single-one.

I'm so confident that The Lessons will be the transformative resource you need that I'm offering a 7-day money back guarantee. If, after 7 days, you've watched the video lessons you've been given access to and you don't feel like they've made an impact, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you need help leading people and you are a woman, register right now.


You will NOT find anything else anywhere close to what I have to offer you in Lead for Women: The Lessons.

And that is a promise I am 100% confident making.

See you on the inside.




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