We All Have that ONE Employee!

The one who, no matter what you do, makes you literally want to quit your own business.

You don't have to.

I know what to do.

Join me for a 90-minute intensive for Female Entrepreneurs "Performance is Not an Opinion."


1:00PM PT

Yes Please!

Every Single Day for the Past 20 Years

I have coached leaders like you through tough performance conversations.

I know why it's hard.

I also know how powerful it is once you have the tools to be able to talk with any team member about anything, anytime, anywhere.

The confidence you gain once you learn how to REMOVE your opinion from how you evaluate PERFORMANCE and replace it with NEUTRAL, MEASURABLE facts will absolutely change-your-life.

And, to be honest, it will change your employees' lives as well.

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The Class

Despite how it may seem, learning how to hold any employee accountable for any type of poor performance can be done.

And it can be done well. 

You don't have to close your eyes. 

Hide and tolerate.

Or pretend it will just get better.

There are simple practices you can apply with every member of your team.

In 90-minutes I will teach you what to do.

Then I will coach you through your own, specific challenge.

This powerful course is for female entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in addressing specific team member challenges you can't see your way out of, no matter how hard you've tried.

I will teach you:

  • How to understand WHY the performance 'gap' is happening in the first place
  • How to properly diagnose the actual problem
  • How to address the actual problem rather than get caught up in your own emotional frustrations or opinion
  • How to ensure that the employee knows EXACTLY what is expected of them
  • How to follow-up properly (and simply) to ensure results are achieved 
  • And what to do if performance doesn't improve anyway

If you want to have a consistently successful business, you MUST have consistently successful team members. 

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Whether they do or do NOT improve is none of your business.


What is your business?


How well you communicate expectations, hold them accountable and what you decide to do if they cannot deliver. 


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Isn't It About Time You Stopped Struggling with This Issue?

You have too much amazing work to do in the world than to let team member challenges slow you down.

All you need is a little bit of confidence mixed up with my simple, practical approach and you'll be AMAZED at how much better you'll feel and how much faster you'll take action.

Join me for a small group experience where I will teach and coach each of you through my process. 

Once we're done you will have the tools to be able to address any employee, regarding any issue, at any time... anywhere.

Class space is limited to keep an intimate experience for all attendees. So don't miss this very special opportunity to work together LIVE!

This is a course exclusively designed for Female Entrepreneurs managing team members.

Let's GO!