It's Time to Get to Work. On Purpose.

The World Just Changed the Way Business Gets Done... Have YOU?

We've just experienced a massive, global disruption unlike anything most of us have encountered in our lifetime.

Everything has changed.

The rules are brand new.

Never has the need for Leadership Stamina and Resilience been more critical.

Look, it's normal to need a minute to catch-your-breath.
You've been on rapid-fire-decision-making duty since mid-March 2020.
You barely know what day it is.
BUT your hustle is strong and your determination is clear.
You've made the tough calls and are currently assessing where you, your team and your business stand today.
  • You may have a team. You may not (right now).
  • You may have clients. You may not (right now).
  • You may have a plan. You may not...yet.
But what do I know you DO have, my Friend?
Your Beautiful, Entrepreneurial Brain.
And it's time to put that powerful machine to WORK.
It's 2nd Quarter.
Game On.

Let's Go.





Q2 Pivot Begins April 20, 2020. Register NOW!



Let's Make Those Decisions Together. Here's how.

Weekly Action

Kris will teach powerful leadership processes, practices and systems to address the specific challenges entrepreneurs are facing as they assess and redirect themselves, their team members and their business.

Weekly Coaching

We meet once a week for live, mastermind, lab coaching calls. Kris will ensure each client's questions are heard and answered. As a group, you will amplify your learning and fast-track your implementation through the benefit of collective perspective.


The inputs you allow into your mind and space right now will determine your energy and focus. As a member of this program, you will have access to a community to share insights and resources and ask questions as needed of Kris and her team.

1:1 Coaching w/Kris

Every client in The Founder's Lab works with Kris also has TWO, Personal 1:1 on-boarding coaching calls and ONE monthly Personal coaching call. For 2nd quarter, Kris is also offering several weekly, drop-in Office Hours calls.

It's Time to Lead. On Purpose. With a Plan.

When Everything Changes We Have to Get Back to the Basics. It's Time to Regroup, Reassess and Reconsider Everything.

Program Topics for Q2 Pivot

Leadership Stamina                                             Stages of Transformation for Leaders
Committed Vision                                                The Leadership Operating System
Culture Planning                                                  2nd Quarter Manifesto
Non-Negotiable Expectations                           Your Leadership Voice
Stop, Start, Continue                                           Team, Customer & Partner Review
Intentional Risk                                                    Triage vs. Strategic Planning
3-3-3-3.                                                                    The Three Question Plan

Right Now You're Likely Asking Yourself Some Unexpected Questions

If you're like most of my clients, you have a lot of questions in your mind you never thought you'd consider:

  • Should I hire the entire team back?
  • Was I really running an efficient business?
  • Is this the perfect time to make massive changes?
  • How can I make sure I'm never caught off guard like this again?
  • Could I really, finally, STOP doing that thing I've dreaded all these years?
  • Do I really want to start over again?
  • How do I relaunch my business? 
  • Will my clients/customers come back after I reopen? Do I want them to?
  • Is this what I really, really, really want?
Together, we're going to answer all of these questions and everything else on your mind.
First Quarter asked a lot of you. 
Let's ask a lot of the 2nd Quarter. On purpose.

Registration and Course Details

 Coaching Call Schedule: We have openings in our Lab calls on Wednesdays @ 12:00pm PDT or Fridays @ 10:00am PDT. Once you register we will place you in your preferred call time.
 All content will be recorded and posted every Monday and posted in The Founder's Lab Q2 Pivot Program
 Students will be notified of the Drop-In Office Hour, weekly. Drop-In coaching is first-come, first-served, one question 
 Course includes all weekly lessons and materials provided to compliment the lesson and/or links and resources
 Electronic Reflection Journal
 Online Community Access
 The Q2 Pivot Program is an exclusive program only available to current members of The Founder's Lab Coaching Program and/or Premier 1:1 Clients.
To change the trajectory of your business and harness all this moment has for you and your future, please JOIN NOW.

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