I Know You're Struggling to Manage Your Business & Your Employees


You can tell the truth here.


It's okay.

I'm glad you're here!  

I know it's been tough for awhile for you, so let's REJOICE in some good news, K?


You’re not alone  

I know that being an entrepreneur can be one of the most isolating jobs to have on the planet. Add to that a team of people who aren't meeting your expectations and it's just really tough. You think everyone else has it figured out (they don't) and you’re the special unicorn who can’t get it right (you're not).

And why wouldn’t you think that? For some reason we've come to believe we should just be naturally good at managing people and getting results from them. But why? What's the upside of believing you should be good at something that you've never learned how to do.

Here’s the deal. Managing people is a totally learnable skill. But first we have to accept that just-like-learning how to tie your shoe or ride a bike, there’s a little learning involved.

You are incredibly capable

I mean look-at-you. You've built a business. You're making money. You are proving everyday that you have a working business model. Sure, it may seem a little daunting right now, but that's understandable.

All you need is to pull back the curtain on what makes for management magic, and you'll be able to grow, make more money and (I know it's crazy to say) take a vacation and NOT have to be on speed dial the entire time!


How do I know all this?

Worst-manager-of-the-year, right here.  I was a crying, heart-in-my-stomach, hot mess when I first learned how to lead. It's a rather heartbreaking story when I think about it. But I stuck it out and so I know YOU can too!

1I know what it's like to have a team of people not doing what you want and being completely clueless about how to handle it.

2. I know what it's like to be totally dependent on the results of others and feel powerless to 'get them' to do what I want.

3. I know what it's like to not know how to tell someone they aren't doing it right and not know how to talk to them about their performance.

But I also know what it’s like: 

  • To have employees who can read my mind.

  • To leave your business and know everything will really be okay.

  • To watch my ideas translated into results by OTHER PEOPLE!


I know your hope is if you could just figure out how to get THEM to change or hire BETTER people everything will change.

You have to decide you're ready to invest in yourself and your skills.

Nothing will change until you do.


I really do know that it just seems like no matter how hard you try, you still end up working harder and longer with less and less time for yourself.


I promise, I'm not attached to the Alexa in your house.

Managing your team is really hard work.

What you're experiencing is tough, but it's normal.

You can be so over your skis that you can't see how you'll ever love your business again.

I've worked with hundreds of you.

It's your story that keeps me going and determined to help you.

You really aren't alone.

There are solutions to the overwhelm you can't seem to find your way out of and I can teach you exactly what to do.

Let' Talk About What Happens When You Invest in Yourself and Your Business... 

 You hire employees who meet your expectations and do the job.

 You sleep better and start to feel restful while achieving more in your business.

You are able to take vacation. Long ones. Because you have better team members who

don't need constant babysitting.

Work gets done without you doing it. MAGIC!

 Systems are set up so you can hire, train and get results from new employees faster.

 You create ASSETS in your business that are replicable and have value, which makes your

business more valuable.

 Your business has a firm foundation to grow and expand.

 You stop feeling held hostage by employees who aren't doing their job.

 You stop people pleasing to the detriment of your own time, energy and success of business.

 You stop the constant spin of frustration you feel because you can't get the work done.

through others.



"Working with Kris has single-handedly given us the tools to develop and hone our management skills, to refine our systems and processes, to create accountability and metrics for our team members to not only succeed, but to thrive, and - perhaps most importantly, to take our company to the next level. We couldn’t possibly recommend working with her more! If you are a female entrepreneur looking to up-level your business game, Kris is your coach."

Krista & Tami
Partners & Principal Interior Designers at Cloth & Kind

"When I started working with Kris I was emotionally attached to my business in a way that was impacting my ability to make the best business decisions. Now, I'm able to take a step back, evaluate, and use tools and reference frameworks Kris has given me, to make more evolved decisions. Now every day I ask myself - what will I do today to help push my business forward - instead of getting stuck in the minutia and stress that's bound to come up. "

Ruthie Schulder
Co-Founder & CEO, The Participation Agency

"Kris is the only reason I don't spend staff meeting crying in a ball on the floor. Despite being a world-class mindset coach myself, I was not prepared for the unique challenges that come with expanding your staff and learning how to manage your human capital. Kris has a great understanding of how entrepreneur brains work and how they need to change and evolve to build a sustainable business, positive employee relationships, and a strong business culture. Any female founder who isn't a natural born manager should hire her - and I think that's all of us."

Founder, The Clutch

"Kris has been a massive inspiration and support for me both in her leadership trainings and visionary guidance. I am so profoundly grateful to have found Kris and her impact on my clinic has been huge. Kris has inspired me to think and scale well beyond what I believed was possible all while staying grounded and unwavering in my leadership. Thank you, Kris!"

Naturopathic Physician and Clinic Founder, Restoration Health Clinic

"After working with Kris, I am so much better equipped to manage my team and our growth! Really, I'm not sure where I would be today if it wasn't for Kris' guidance, splash of humour and tough love. A million thank yous. The photo is of me with my 2 new partners at our newest clinic. Passing on wisdom from Kris"

Founder/Owner, Kids Physio Group

"Kris has profoundly changed my business. She taught me how to manage the whole spectrum of people in my business - from the difficult employee to the high performer. I am no longer bogged down by employee issues. Continuing to work with Kris was the easiest decision I made this year."

Founder/Owner Jump Gymnastics

"The unique thing about Kris is that she helps me to come to my own solution, rather than just telling me what to do. My world, and my employees' worlds, have gotten so much clearer since I started working with Kris, and I feel confident to accomplish tasks that were overwhelming me. She is truly helping me improve my quality of life!"

Kari Pigott
Founder/Owner Sit Means Sit

Who I am...


I'm Kris Plachy, Master Coach and Creator of The Founder's LAB. I am a 25-- year veteran of leading and managing teams. I've created them. Built them. Fixed them. And even deconstructed them. I've trained and coached thousands of leaders.

I cut my teeth as a brand new leader in a start up. We had no structures. No management processes. I built the tools I eventually taught everyone who worked for me. And I achieved consistent, high performing results.

I work with women who are ready to acknowledge management skills matter. I invest in women who are ready to learn new skills, try new things and tinker with me in my Lab to improve your business results.

I have the coaching and leadership experience to work with any woman, on any business at any point in her business growth.



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