Learn how being an Empath is an untapped CEO superpower.


Challenge your beliefs about who you are as a female CEO, an empath, and a woman thriving in the business she created.

You are not too sensitive or too fragile to run your own company.

Being an empath is not a weakness.

Your nature is your gift.

This 3-part digital course will provide you with the confidence, validation, knowledge, and tactical practices that you will need to harness your empathic superpower.


The 3 Pillars of Thriving as an Empathic CEO

Truths You Have To Tell

Who are you as an empath and how does it affect the way that you lead and manage your team?

Protect Your Peace

What are your boundaries and what systems do you have in place for when you feel triggered?

Give Yourself Permission

What if you could stop suppressing your empathic nature, release your guilt, and fully step into yourself?

The Fine Details


The Empathic CEO is a 3-hour digital course, split into 3 hour-long classes. In each video, Kris deep dives into one of the pillars for thriving as an empathic CEO:

  • Telling your truths.
  • Protecting your peace.
  • Giving yourself permission.

It's recommended that you complete the course over three days, to give yourself time to fully absorb the content.

The Empathic CEO includes instant, lifetime access to the course and a supplemental digital workbook to help guide your own thoughts and reflections.


What people are saying...


Empaths are like pencils...


No, really, stay with me for a second.

You are composed of two equally powerful yet opposing forces.

You desire control so that you can ensure the happiness and security of those around you, but too often you neglect your own needs, making it impossible to fully harness the magic that's inside of you.

Sound familiar? You belong here.


Because there is another way. 

For too long, you have been made to feel less than for being an empath. You have been taught that it makes you a weak and vulnerable leader.

You feel ashamed. You hide. And, as a result, you never fully developed the thoughts and practices necessary to fully utilize your gift.

No more.

No more suppressing who you are. It's exhausting. 

No more masks, walls, or caves.

It's time to embrace your superpower. To appreciate it, nourish it, and protect it.

It's time to show up as not just the Chief Executive Officer of your business, but as the Chief Empathic Officer of it too.

It's time to thrive.


Kris Plachy


I have made it my mission to prove the power of one thriving woman.

I believe that you are a powerful and effective leader because of all of the things that are intrinsic to you as an empath and as a woman, and not in spite of them.

I want to change the dialogue surrounding empathic women in leadership so that more and more women have the confidence and resources necessary to achieve the CEO milestone in their business.


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